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Located in Perth Western Australia, Essence BJJ is home to some of Perth’s top competitors in Australia.  Essence Gym prides itself on being a humble and inclusive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu studio who can cater to all who are willing to learn and respect the martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


BJJ Beginners classes are to cover all basic techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it will easily take you to the next level on a simple and fun way of learning. Frequent practice is essential if efficiency is to be gained in the Fundamental BJJ Lessons. The key to learning Jiu Jitsu is repetition, The ultimate goal is to condition your sub-conscious with Jiu Jitsu techniques so that you can automatically react in a critical situation.

Gi & No-Gi

Gi and No Gi are the 2 forms of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Gi Jiu Jitsu is grappling with the use of a traditional Gi, which allows you to grab the clothing of your opponent. No Gi is grappling without the traditional uniform, instead you wear shorts and a rash guard. In no gi you cannot grab your opponent’s clothing.

1:1 Privates

One on One private BJJ lessons with a top preforming Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Lessons are catered to the individual and personalized to reach the clients goals and outcomes desired.  The lessons are 60 min long and can be altered for private group sessions or seminars.



"Tried BJJ for the first time and was made to feel welcome.  I am able to get the most out of every session because of the freindly and committed team at Essence BJJ"


"As a young female who absolutely loves to train, I am so grateful that I found Essence BJJ.  It is such a fun and welcoming enviroment that encourages people tof all ages and abilites to come along.  Jake's knowledge and experience as a coach means you'll not only imporve your fitness and technique, But you'll also be able to do what's comfortable for you.  Such an amazing family to be a part of.  Highly recommend"


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